44075-Rourke, Libby

Libby Rourke, MD

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, PGY 4
University Of Missouri-Columbia School Of Medicine

RI 5837

Indianapolis, IN


Hometown: Springfield, MO

Undergrad: University of Missouri

Medical School: University of Missouri

Hobbies: hanging out with co-interns

Why IU: I was interested in IU Med-Peds for multiple reasons. It is a very well-established program with ample opportunities for mentoring within the large Med-Peds community here. The 5 hospitals that we train at offer a wide array of experiences from high acuity, specialized care, to care for the underserved in our continuity clinics, and Eskenazi is the most beautiful county hospital you’ll ever see. Now that I’m here, I also think that 14 is the perfect class size: big enough that someone is always available to hang out, but small enough that we all know each other well. My class been one of the most fun parts about matching at IU, and I hope you find that same community as you move forward into residency! ?

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee
  • Education
    2019 MD University Of Missouri-Columbia School Of Medicine

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