38274-Rubel, Kolin

Kolin E. Rubel, MD

Otolaryngology, PGY 4
Indiana University School of Medicine


Where did you grow up?

Evansville, Indiana, but split time between there and Flat Rock, Michigan.

What is your medical school/undergraduate background?

Undergraduate at Samford University and medical school at IU School of Medicine

Why are you pursuing a carrier in ENT?

I love that ENT really owns the head and neck. We are required to have true mastery over the area and there's so much going on. It really keeps things interesting. I was also attracted to the combination of surgery and clinical care it provides.

What intrigued you about IU School of Medicine?

I think our relationship with our faculty is second to none. The rapport between the residents and faculty I saw as a medical student made me want to stick around.

What have you learned most from faculty in the department?

First and foremost I think we have excellent surgical training so I've learned a ton from all our specialties on the basics of ENT surgery. I also think our faculty are just excellent doctors in general so I've learn a lot about how to connect to patients on a personal level.

What are some of your hobbies?

Movies/history of film, traveling, planning events for the department, reading, bourbon, sports (especailly University of Michigan basketball and football).

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee

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