17914-Simpson, Rachel

Rachel E. Simpson, MD

Surgery-General Surgery, PGY 5
Indiana University School of Medicine

EH 202
Indianapolis, IN


Why I chose general surgery as a career: As a medical student on my surgery rotation, I was excited driving to the hospital in the morning to see how “my” patients were doing after I had scrubbed into their surgery. It is difficult as a student to feel like part of the team, or like you are actually participating in the care of a patient; but on my surgery rotation, for the first time I felt in some way personally responsible. As a surgeon, you get to deal with complicated medical problems in the ICU and wards, while constantly striving to perfect your technical skills in the OR. You have the opportunity to physically impact someone’s life in way that relatively few can offer, and to provide some hope when individuals are incredibly vulnerable. General surgery is hands-down the best job (at least for me.)

Why I chose the IU School of Medicine General Surgery Residency Program: Everyone talks about culture in the workplace, and I think ours is a major strength of the program. General surgery residency can be hard: you are mentally and physically challenged on a regular basis. But there’s an unspoken general sense of “we’re in this together” among the residents that gets us all through. In the end, our chief residents graduate as confident, skilled, successful surgeons. Our attending surgeons are at the top of their field. They provide a unique mix of personalities, skill sets, and teaching styles that is unmatched. From one you may get minute-by-minute feedback and critique, and others near complete autonomy. I think you need both to grow into an independent surgeon, and you will get the whole spectrum in this program.

Professional/Research Interests: My professional interests include colorectal surgery, HPB surgery, vascular surgery and general surgery. I’m currently doing research with Dr. Schmidt with a focus on IPMN and early detection of aggressive lesions, and also collaborating with the HPB section on several clinical outcomes projects.

Personal Interests/Hobbies: Running, home-improvement projects, trying new restaurants around the city, visiting family, exploring national parks/beautiful places on vacation (most recently went to Zion National Park and hiked Angels Landing)

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee
  • Education
    2015 MD Indiana University School of Medicine

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