17116-Miller, Derryl

Derryl J. Miller, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology

Sub-Investigator for XENON X-ACKT Phase 3 Clinical Trial - Study ID Number XPF-010-303 - https://classic.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT05667142

Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium Representative - Riley Children's Health - https://pediatricerc.com/resource-locator/

(317) 948-7450
Riley Research Building Room 211
705 Riley Hospital Dr.
Indianapolis, Indian 46202
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Derryl Miller, MD is an assistant professor of neurology at Riley Hospital for Children.  He has subspecialty training in Clinical Neurophysiology and serves as one of the Epileptologists.  He is passionate about the treatment of children with epilepsy and presurgical evaluation in those diagnosed with medically intractable epilepsy.  Dr. Miller is excited to work with you and your child to use creative and maximally effective therapies to treat neurologic disease.  In his spare time, Dr. Miller enjoys cycling with his wife, playing with his daughter, and singing in the St. John the Evangelist Traditional Choir.

Key Publications

ORCID = 0000-0002-4226-4835

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