Research Service Core Labs


With support from the Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund, the IU School of Medicine Center for Medical Genomics was established in 2000 to provide Indiana researchers with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure in the rapidly expanding areas of genotyping and gene expression. Under the direction of the founding director, Howard J. Edenberg, PhD, and with additional support from the Indiana Genomics Initiative (INGEN), the center has grown to provide services to biomedical researchers in three specialty areas:

  • High throughput sequencing
  • Microarray
  • SNP genotyping

In 2016, Yunlong Liu, PhD, associate professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics, was appointed as the center director. With investment from IU School of Medicine and as part of the IU School of Medicine Precision Medicine Initiative, the Center for Medical Genomics has been able to expand its sequencing capacity by deploying two Illumina sequencers, HiSeq 4000 and HiSeq 500.