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Data Transfer

After sequencing data is acquired, the raw data is automatically pushed into the Indiana University School of Medicine Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) system, managed by Indiana University Information Technology Services. The FASTQ files are shared with users through one of the following ways. The user is responsible for maintaining the data once backup is complete.

  • IU DC2 System

    IU DC2 SystemThe Indiana University D2 System is the preferred platform for sharing data with IU investigators who have access to the IU high-performance computing systems.

  • IU Box

    Although core staff can push data into the Box system, this is not a recommended method since data download from user’s end could be slow.

  • Portable Hard-Drive

    Users must provide a portable device to the core bioinformatics specialist if interested in using this data delivery method. Users may also purchase the portable hard drive from the medical genomics core at a nominal additional fee.

  • SFTP

    The SFTP is the preferred delivery method for users outside of Indiana University.