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Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry


Medicinal Chemistry

  • Structural Design for Small Molecules, such as Inhibitors, Probes & Activators
  • Synthetic Route Design for Small Molecules
  • Compound Synthesis & Purification (Up to Gram Scale)
  • Combinatorial Small Molecule Library Design & Synthesis

Analytical Chemistry

  • Small Molecule Qualification: Structural Elucidation & Purity Determination
  • Small Molecule Quantification for Metabolites, Biomarkers, etc.
  • Protein, Peptide, & Oligonucleotide Qualification & Quantification


  • Compound Information Retrieval from Database (e.g. HTS Hits)
  • Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) Analysis
  • Compound Novelty Analysis on Structure & Bioactivity
  • Property Evaluation on Drug Ability (e.g. CLogP, Solubility, etc.)


Chemical hoods, Lyophilizer, Melting Point Apparatus, Polarimeter, Rotary Evaporator


Agilent LC1290 Infinity II – MS6545 Q-ToF equipped with UV detector.

  • High Resolution MS for Small Molecule and Protein Characterization
  • Identification and Verification of Metabolite Biomarkers
  • Targeted MS/MS for Quantitation, Identification, and Confirmation of Unknowns


Bruker 300 MHz Fourier Transform NMR equipped with a 16-slot automated sampler.

  • Structure Elucidation and Verification via 1D and 2D NMR
  • Purity Determination, Quality Assurance and Control

Preparative HPLC

Waters Preparative HPLC with UV detector

  • Purification of Small Molecules and Peptides

Microwave Reactor

Biotage Microwave

  • Efficient and Controlled Heating via µW irradiation
  • Accelerated Organic Reactions via High Temperature and Pressure

Flash Purification

Biotage Flash Purification with Automated Fraction Collection

Aapptec Automated Parallel Organic Synthesizer