Pricing and Scheduling

Use of equipment at the Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core facility is on a first-come, first-served basis based on calendar sign up. New users need to obtain permission to sign up for using equipment at the Flow Cytometry Core facility and receive instructions for using the calendar with this permission. Email Charles Tessier to request permissions or training.


InstrumentInternal AssistedInternal UnassistedExternal AssistedExternal Unassisted
Zeiss 710 LSM$75/hour$39/hour$87/hour$51/hour
Beckman FC500$81/hour$45/hour$93/hour$57/hour
FACSAria III cell sorter*$140/hourNA
Olympus FV1000 MPE$76/hour$40/hour$136/hour$100/hour


Beckman Coulter FC500 Flow Cytometer

Olympus FV1000 2-Photon Confocal Microscope