Pricing and Scheduling

Fees shown are for IU School of Medicine investigators; fees for outside investigators are double the IU School of Medicine rate.


Tissue cassettes (if not supplied)$0.20 each
EDTA demineralization$6.50 per specimen
Formic acid demineralization$2.00 per specimen


Embed only (no sectioning)$6.00 per cassette
Embed and section (up to 5 slides, serial sections)$12.50 per cassette
Section only (re-cuts; up to 5 slides, serial sections)$6.50 per cassette
Additional slides (up to 5 slides)$3.00
Special sectioning (non-serial)$3.00

Plastic (methyl methacrylate; MMA)

Vials (thick and thin sections)

Embed only (no sectioning)$25.00 per specimen
Embed and section (up to 6 slides, serial sections)$50.00 per specimen
Section only (up to 6 slides, serial sections)$25.00
Additional slides (up to 6 slides)$12.50
Special sectioning (non-serial)$3.00

6 mm tubes (thick section only; suitable for rodent long bones)

Embed only (no sectioning)$12.50 per specimen
Embed and section (up to 3 slides)$25.00 per specimen
Section only (up to 3 slides)$12.50


Routine Stains ($1.50 per slide, $15.00 minimum)

Hematoxylin & Eosin (HE)*  (*Free with paraffin sectioning)

Special Stains ($3.00 per slide, $30.00 minimum)

Acidified Toluidine Blue (aTB)
Fast Green – Safranin O (FG/SO)
Goldner’s Trichrome (GT)
Masson’s Trichrome (MT)
Periodic Acid / Schiff (PAS)
Perls Iron (PI)
Toluidine Blue (TB; thick or thin sections)
Tartrate-Resistant Acid Phosphatase (TRAP)
Verhoeff-Van Giesen (VVG)
Von Kossa / MacNeal or Nuclear Fast Red

Photomicroscopy (brightfield and polarized light)

Available at an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour.