Faculty Research Labs

Cell Culture Technique Tips

  • Clean, fresh lab coats and glove should be worn at all times in the hood area and removed as soon as the area is left.
  • UV light in hood should be on whenever hood is not in use. This means that all UV-sensitive materials (e.g., media) should be kept out of the hood and shadowed from UV.
  • Materials often brought into the hood (pipettors, pipettes, hemocytometer, etc.) should be kept in a clean cupboard when not in use.
  • At beginning of work, place all necessary equipment in hood and try to avoid removing arms repeatedly through the work period.
  • Do not leave bottles uncovered for more than is absolutely necessary.
  • Dry bottles that have been warming in water thoroughly and rinse generously with ethanol before introducing into the hood.
  • During liquid transfer, pipettes should be discarded if any possibility of contact with a potentially contaminated solution has occurred (even the lightest touch).
  • Last drops in pipettes should not be evacuated, since aerosols and splashes result.
  • While ethanol is the only practical disinfectant for washing gloves, flasks, etc., stronger compounds (e.g. quaternary ammonium disinfectants) can be used for washing down surfaces.
  • Doors to culture room should be kept closed at all times.
  • Filters in pipettors should be changed regularly.