Alpini Lab

The Alpini Lab, led by Gianfranco Alpini, PhD, evaluates the regulation of cholangiocyte proliferation/damage during the progression of cholangiopathies, the chronic diseases that target intrahepatic cholangiocytes. Proliferating cholangiocytes display a neuroendocrine phenotype and secrete and respond to a number of hormones, neuropeptides and neurotransmitters in autocrine and paracrine signaling mechanisms.

The research interests of the Alpini Lab also include determining the interactions that occur between cholangiocytes and other cell types (such as hepatocytes, hepatic stellate cells and vascular endothelial cells) in the biliary microenvironment during both cholestasis and cholangiocarcinogenesis. The lab evaluates the various signaling mechanisms regulating the balance between cellular proliferation/cellular senescence and apoptosis.