Medical Scientist MD/PhD Program

Students in the IU School of Medicine Medical Science Training Program (MD/PhD) can pursue a PhD through the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program offered by Stark Neurosciences Research Institute. The Medical Science Training Program (MSTP) provides training for both the MD and PhD degrees in an environment that integrates graduate research training with clinical studies.

Prospective dual-degree students for the Medical Science Training Program are encouraged to inquire about neuroscience research opportunities and placement in laboratory rotations within the Institute.

MD/PhD Track

Medical Science Training Program students are required to take G780 Foundations of Neuroscience. Entering students may transfer as many as 30 credit hours from the MD curriculum to satisfy minor or elective requirements. Medical students can obtain the Conversion Credit Form from their MD advisor. The forms can be submitted to the Program Coordinator for an evaluation.

Upon entering the program, students take required Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program classes and elective courses relevant to their thesis work in consultation with their mentor and the Program Directors/Advisory Committee.

Medical Science Training Program students are expected to complete their graduate work no later than Year 4 following admission to the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program graduate program.

Complete program and curriculum details are available in the Medical Neurosciences Graduate Program Handbook.