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Student Activities and Resources

Students in the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute graduate education program can access support and resources through the institute and IU School of Medicine.

Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization

Students elect a representative to lead and direct graduate student activities, including organization of EPSP, participation in local scientific meetings, and in activities associated with recruitment of new students to the program. There is student representation on the Training and Advisory Committee.

Journal Clubs

Several topic-specific journal clubs meet throughout the year, and students are encouraged to regularly attend.

Student Services

Students at IU School of Medicine—Indianapolis can access a wide range of support services.

Local Scientific Meetings

The Stark Neurosciences Research Institute hosts an annual Student Research Day in December. The Indiana Society for Neuroscience also holds an annual meeting.

Reference Materials

Students are encouraged to reference and/ or download the student handbook, graduate school bulletin and related resources to prepare for and plan their training experience.