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Bone and Muscle Interactions: the Mechanical and Beyond

Diseases, disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system relating to bones, joints and muscles are the leading cause of disability and health care costs in the U.S. (5.7 percent GDP). With a projected 20 percent of the world population being 60 and older by 2050 and over 35 percent by 2150, disability and resulting health care costs are expected to increase. It is increasingly evident that muscle and bone interact through biochemical and molecular crosstalk beyond just the loading of bone by muscle.

The Bone and Muscle Interactions meeting in August 2019 brought together national and international leaders in the new field of bone and muscle interactions to address the evidence of increased bone and muscle interactions and discuss how these can lead to treatments for musculoskeletal diseases. Over 160 researchers attended the meeting to discuss exciting research in this field.

Thank you to Thomas Rando, keynote speaker, for his fantastic presentation on Fibroadipogenic Progenitors (FAPs) in muscle regeneration, maintenance, and pathology as well as the other speakers: Paul Robbins, Andrew Judge, Jürg Gasser, Gustavo Duque, Céline Colnot, Silvia Blemker, José Millan Sarah Dallas, Roger Fielding and Mary Leonard. In addition to excellent presentations, the meeting featured 64 poster presentations. The meeting also offered 12 early investigator travel awards to presenters from Canada, Australia and Columbia. Whitney Bullock, Christopher Wolff and Allison Kemp received poster awards.

The David Burr Service and Leadership Award

The Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health (ICMH) is proud to announce the David Burr Service and Leadership award, an annual award for exemplary leaders in the field of bone and muscle research. The first award was presented to Dr. David Burr at the Bone and Muscle Interactions meeting. Congratulations and thank you to Dr. Burr for his contributions to the field.

Another Bone and Muscle meeting coming!

Drs. Karyn Esser and Mark Hamrick, who served on the organizing committee for this year’s meeting, have agreed to host another meeting on this topic in the near future. Information will be provided when available.

New PhD Program

The first class for the Musculoskeletal Health Sciences PhD Degree has been established. The class, titled “Cell Biology of the Neuro-Musculoskeletal System” is a graduate medical course (GRDM G801), directed by Monte S. Willis, MD PhD, MBA, Lilian Plotkin, PhD, and Brian Pierchala, PhD, to begin in Summer 2020. While focusing on Muscle-Bone Crosstalk, the course consists of 80 percent foundational content and 20 percent disease and integrative learning in a didactic teaching style.