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Musculoskeletal Informatics Methodology Core

The Musculoskeletal Informatics Methodology Core (MIM) has two components: the Computable Phenotype Research Core and the Clinical Trial Design and Omic Service Core.

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Computable Phenotype Research Core

The Computable Phenotype Research Core connects investigators and facilitates multi-disciplinary research that leverages electronic medical record data analysis through the Regenstrief Institute. This enables investigators to perform outcomes research and/or develop computable phenotypes based on those electronic medical records. The resources provided by the Regenstrief Institute allow access to millions of patients through their medical records including clinical outcomes, prescription use and even radiograph images. This rich resource provides the ability to test hypotheses that would not otherwise be possible by using state of the art machine learning and other computing algorithms in the evaluation of investigators’ data.

What is a phenotype?

Clinical Trial Design and Omics Service Core

The Clinical Trial Design and Omics Service Core focuses on the design and implementation of clinical trials. This core provides resources to design clinical studies related to musculoskeletal research and provides assistance in optimizing specimen collection for future omics analyses. For investigators interested in designing an MSK clinical study, the Clinical Trial Design element of this core matches investigators to individuals with experience in translational research to help in their initial design. Additionally, the Core provides statistical input on the design, power calculations and recruitment strategies for the proposed clinical study. As a study gets underway, the Core will provide help in optimizing specimen collection for future omics analyses. Given that analytics change rapidly, it is best to prepare samples throughout the study to allow many options for omic-type testing when the study is completed. Once the clinical study is more fully formed, the Core will assist investigators in accessing the resources of Indiana CTSI, which will help obtain further grant feedback and possible pilot funding.

Goals of the Informatics Methodology Core

  • Training

    Expand the abilities of researchers by training cross-disciplinary collaborative teams in the use and application of novel tools, methodologies, designs and statistical analyses.

  • Research

    Enhance clinical research by leveraging large databases to define and validate relevant computer musculoskeletal phenotypes (computer algorithms to identify particular characteristics of outcomes).

  • Clinical Trials

    Support a Clinical Trials Design and Omics Service Core that interacts with investigators and members of Thematic Research Teams to accelerate the human to bench and back cycle of discovery through the characterization of genotypes and molecular musculoskeletal phenotypes.