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Brown Center for Immunotherapy

Get Involved in Immunotherapy Research

The establishment of the IU School of Medicine Brown Center for Immunotherapy provides a wide range of opportunities to get involved in this important area of medical research.

Opportunities to Join the Research Team

The Brown Center for Immunotherapy offers unique opportunities for researchers and physicians with an expertise in immunotherapy and cell-based therapies to make a significant impact on the lives of patients. The $30 million gift to establish the center includes the creation of five endowed chairs that will be used to recruit faculty leaders.

  • The Don Brown Chair in Immunotherapy, to be held by the center director
  • The Paige Brown Chair in Experimental Therapeutics
  • The Nicole Brown Chair in Immunology
  • The Christopher Brown Chair in Immunology
  • The David Brown Chair in Genomic Medicine.

Learn more about career opportunities in the Brown Center for Immunotherapy or in the IU School of Medicine’s Precision Health Initiative.

Opportunities to Collaborate

The Brown Center for Immunotherapy is dedicated to working with private companies, especially in central Indiana, to foster the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The goal is to use the work of the center to catalyze the formation of new companies and the creation of new jobs in the field of immune-based biotechnology. IU School of Medicine welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and organizations from pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other relevant fields of medicine.

Philanthropic Opportunities

The need for immunotherapy research is urgent. Discoveries made in the Brown Center for Immunotherapy will translate into new treatments – and longer lives for patients with cancer and other devastating medical conditions. But research is expensive.

Though IU School of Medicine is a public medical school, the state of Indiana funds only about 10 percent of its operating cost. At the same time, funding from sources such as the National Institutes of Health is scarce. Philanthropic support is vital.

To learn how you can fuel immunotherapy research through your giving, contact Elizabeth A. Elkas, associate dean for development, IU School of Medicine, at 317-274-5262 or