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Recent Center News

The IU Center for Bioethics faculty and staff produce new publications, grants and research.

Dr. Halverson joins IU Center for Bioethics faculty

Center welcomes Colin Halverson, PhD, as a new faculty member.

Dr. Schwartz to present at ASBH

Center Director, Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD, is presenting at ASBH 21st Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA about patient decision making and autonomy.

IU Center for Bioethics Receives $2,700,000

The Center for Bioethics is pleased to announce that Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD, recently received a $2,700,000 grant from The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Dr. Schwartz research is on measuring the impact of providing personalized risk information to patients and their provider. Dr. Schwartz’s project was one of 11 PCORI-funded studies that are aimed on improving health conditions that are arduous to patients and healthcare organizations.

Publication from Dr. Kasperbauer

The center is pleased to highlight a publication from IU Center for Bioethics postdoc TJ Kasperbauer, PhD. His paper on expanded FDA regulation health and wellness apps was published in Bioethics.

Center Welcomes New Graduate Assistants

Katie Randall and Heather Anderson join the IU Center for Bioethics. Heather is also the recipient of the Brand scholarship.