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Genetics, Biomarker and Bioinformatics Core

The Genetics, Biomarker and Bioinformatics Core creates a central resource to support and expand the genetics focus of the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center and builds on the center’s strong history of innovative research in the genetics of hereditary dementia as well as imaging genomics. The core leverages the unique patient populations and genomics resources at Indiana University School of Medicine to support each of the cores as well as the overall goals of the center.

Under the recent leadership transition to Andrew Saykin, PsyD, the center is building on its rich legacy to explore the role of genetics and other types of biomarkers as predictors of clinical trajectories among the broader group of individuals with subjective cognitive decline and mild cognitive impairment. 

Sample Segments

The Genetics, Biomarker and Bioinformatics Core fosters new research directions through the common banking of samples from diverse research groups. These samples are available to address research questions, which are central to the interests of the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center. These samples are also available for collaborative studies, thereby enhancing the power of all Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center studies focused on disease susceptibility, onset and progression.


  • Obtain longitudinal biospecimen samples from all subjects seen in the Clinical Core.
  • Perform detailed genetic studies with individuals and families having early onset dementia.
  • Prepare and distribute biospecimens to support ongoing local and national research studies.
  • Provide education in the areas of genetics and biospecimen collection to researchers interested in neurodegeneration.