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Data Management Core

The Data Management and Statistics Core is the central repository for data collected by all Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Research Center cores. Core members provide crucial support to all research activities conducted by the center’s multidisciplinary investigator team.

The Data Core maintains an integrated data management system using advanced technology for storing, accessing, reporting and sharing data collected by all cores of the Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Research Center to support daily functioning of all the center’s cores and to advance collaborative research initiatives. The Data Core submits the neuropathology, neuroimaging and biomarker data as Uniform Data Sets to the National Alzheimer Coordinating Center on a regular basis and provides data to other national collaborative studies.

The Data Core also provides statistical support to center investigators in Alzheimer’s-related research, and core members conduct independent statistical research. Training and mentoring in statistical methods is available through the core to junior faculty, research fellows and PhD students in Alzheimer’s disease-related research. The Data Core ensures cooperation, concurrence and collaboration from the initial specification of data content to database management and data analysis, and it enhances the center’s capacities in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease-related dementia.