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Administrative Core

The Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Research Center provides strategic planning, management, resources, and oversight for the center in support of its continued mission. This core oversees, manages and monitors the quality of center activities and functions to strengthen and improve links between faculty, community leaders and external organizations. The significance of this role is based on the compelling national plan to prevent and effectively treat Alzheimer disease by 2025 through innovative research on etiology, early detection, and therapeutics.

The Administrative Core is responsible for overall management and strategic direction of the Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. Leadership within the center has been extremely stable. In 2013, the center made a smooth transition to the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences after Andrew Saykin, PsyD, was appointed center director. Brad Glazier, center administrator since 1999, continues in this important role.

  • Strategic Planning for Research

    Overall direction and strategic planning for research on Alzheimer disease and related disorders. This core helps to leverage existing strengths of faculty and programs and develop new opportunities for scientific growth and impact. It also fosters integration among the cores for thematic cohesion. This core coordinates the Executive Committee, including key leaders to advise and help implement the center goals.

  • Administrative Support

    The core provides administrative support, resource management and oversight functions.

  • Evaluation and Oversight

    The Administrative Core ensures ongoing evaluation and oversight of scientific progress, research and training, including coordinating the Internal and External Advisory Committees.

  • Advancement of Center Goals

    The core facilitates advancement of the Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Research Center’s goals to foster and expand innovative research, training and collaborative academic activities related to Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Pilot Project Program Management

    The Administrative Core develops and manage the Pilot Project Program, including solicitation of proposals, a robust and impartial review process, and tracking of outcome metrics based on external funding and publication.

  • Partner Interface

    The core serves as an effective interface to important external organizations and promotes collaboration with other national and international Alzheimer disease research initiatives. This includes interaction with the NIA as well as the NACC, NCRAD, ADNI, DIAN, ADCS, ADGC and other consortia.

The Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Research Center is committed to accomplishing these aims to support and accelerate progress in addressing the challenges of Alzheimer disease and related disorders.