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Clinical Neuropsychology FAQs

Clinical Neuropsychology FAQs
  • What is the salary for clinical neuropsychology trainees?

    Resident salary is $50,004 for the first year and $50,376 for the second year.

  • What are the program’s benefits?
    Benefits include family health insurance, vision and dental insurance, disability insurance and malpractice insurance. Campus parking is also provided at no cost to the trainee.
  • How many paid-days off do trainees receive?
    In additional to university holidays, trainees receive 15 paid days off their first year with three days off for professional development. During their second year, trainees get 20 paid days off and five professional development days off.
  • What should I submit in my application?

    • Cover letter
    • CV
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Graduate and undergraduate academic transcripts (copies issued to the student are acceptable)

    Send application materials to Fred Unverzagt, PhD via email or to:

    Frederick W. Unverzagt, PhD
    Training Director, Clinical Neuropsychology Residency
    Department of Psychiatry at IU School of Medicine
    Neuroscience Center
    355 W. 16th Street, Suite 2800
    Indianapolis, IN 46202

  • What are application requirements?
    • Doctoral candidate in APA-approved program in clinical or counseling psychology preferred
    • APA-approved internship preferred
    • Applicants must participate in the APPCN-affiliated National Matching Service
  • When is the application deadline?
    January 4 annually.

Graduate Medical Education at IU School of Medicine

Additional information about applying for fellowships at IU School of Medicine and details on employment are available through the Office of GME. This office serves as the human resource office for residents and fellows. In collaboration with the school’s affiliated hospitals throughout Indiana, the Office of GME provides administrative guidance and professional development for program directors, faculty, residents, fellows and coordinators to enhance administrative expertise toward fulfilling state and national requirements for ACGME, NRMP and other specialty organizations.