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Through clinical service, didactics and a variety of research opportunities, the Clinical Neuropsychology training program at IU School of Medicine trains doctor-level psychologists in a collaborative environment with faculty. Through clinical supervision and regular seminars, residents receive instruction while developing research projects.

Clinical Supervision

Faculty members see every patient seen by the resident. Supervision is two to five hours per week. Early in the program, the resident observes faculty members as they conduct diagnostic interviews. Afterward, the resident begins administering testing.

The resident later drafts a report that includes history of present illness, behavioral observations, tests results, diagnosis and recommendations. In a collaborative process, faculty members and residents finalize the report. The resident then observes any verbal feedback of the results to the patient(s) and referral source.

As competence progresses, the resident leads the diagnostic interview and then staffs the case with appropriate faculty presenting HPI, current working diagnosis and plan for evaluation. The faculty members offer input as needed and the evaluation continues under the direction of the resident. The drafted report is finalized during a supervision session and the faculty members observe the resident’s verbal feedback to the patient.


With a variety of weekly conferences and monthly seminars to attend, residents stay informed with formal instruction and certification. The weekly Neuropsychology Case Conference enables residents to practice fact finding in the style of ABCN board certification, attend professional development seminars and participate in neuroanatomy and neurobehavioral syndrome review. Also, the monthly Neuropsychology Seminar Series guides residents in lectures and readings on 24 topics covering all major adult and pediatric neurobehavioral disorders.


Based on individual interest, initiative and knowledge-base, residents can participate in research activities by a PI.

Elizabeth L. Begyn, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology

Jana B. Dykstra, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology

Rachel M. Jensen

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology

Courtney B. Johnson, PhD

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry

David A. Kareken, PhD

Professor of Neurology

Brenna C. McDonald

Professor of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Daniel F. Rexroth, MS, PSYD

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry

Gwen Sprehn, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology

Frederick W. Unverzagt, PhD

Professor of Clinical Psychology