Visual Media

The Visual Media team, part of the IU School of Medicine Dean’s Office of Communications, offers creative services in project planning, graphic design, medical illustration, photography, presentations, poster layout and printing.

Serving IU School of Medicine faculty, staff and trainees since 1934, the visual media team has a rich history of creating excellent quality products that communicate the education, health and research missions of the school by utilizing the most current media solution applications and technology. The designers, photographers and illustrators on this team strive to exceed clients expectations by meeting specifications, timelines and budget parameters.


The Visual Media office provides photography for professional headshots as well as images for marketing and promotional activities such as press conferences, galas, programs, special events and websites. The team also provides photographic documentation in research laboratories, operating rooms and other clinical settings. Visual Media also has expertise in digital file management, including conversion, formatting, retouching and sizing. The team also provides “fair use in education” digital scanning of slides, X-rays, manuscript figures and books for presentations.

Digital and Print Graphic Design

For competitive design fees, professional graphic designers can create design for ads, banners, brochures, programs, invitations, save-the-date cards, and more, including infographics, charts, graphs and diagrams for presentations and manuscripts as well as cartoons and caricatures.

Poster Printing

With two large-format HP printers, Visual Media creates and prints large-scale posters and presentation materials or provides consultation and printing services to those who create their own posters—in both PC and Mac platforms with a variety of versions of PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or pdf. Media specialists work with clients to insure a professional poster production experience—on paper (at $8.50 per square foot) or on foldable poly fabric (at $10.00 per square foot).

  • Color inks are archival in quality
  • General turnaround time: 1-2 days.
  • Posters can be printed as large as 48″ wide by 120″ tall.
  • Protective cardboard tubes are available for $5.00.
  • Review proofs available for $5.00.

Medical Illustration

Medical illustrations created by the Visual Media team can be used in textbooks, presentations, brochures, exhibits, educational programs, civil/criminal legal procedures, video/multimedia productions and websites. All illustrations created in the Visual Media office are intellectual property of the Indiana University Trustees; the copyright is maintained by IU School of Medicine and administered by the IU Copyright Office.

Brand Consultation

The team can review marketing and communications collaterial for brand compliance and also provide digital letterhead and Official department or unit signatures (logos).


The Visual Media team can provide PowerPoint and poster templates branded with the IU School of Medicine mark or cobranded with IU Health or other partners.