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Christine Drury

Associate Director, Research Communications

Christine joined IU in February of 2018 as the Associate Director of Research Communications. In her role she is responsible for directing communications for the IU Precision Health Initiative, Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, and r...

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IU School of Medicine researchers draw analogies between art and science in new study

Indiana University School of Medicine researchers have discovered an innovative approach to identifying how likely someone is to develop certain diseases.

Christine Drury  |  Feb 08, 2022

Indiana University School of Medicine announces call for nominations into 2022 August M. Watanabe Prize for Translational Research

Nancy J. Brown, Dean of Yale Medical School, is this year’s $100,000 research prize winner and keynote speaker at Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute’s annual meeting.

Christine Drury  |  Sep 24, 2021

Cutting-edge microscope will aid IU researchers’ understanding of disease, potential therapies

A six-member research consortium, including Indiana University School of Medicine and IU Bloomington, is bringing a new state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy platform to the state of Indiana. The Titan Krios lets scientists look at how proteins and viruses are built atom by atom. It also produces 3D images of those structures and can even identify new […]

Christine Drury  |  Apr 12, 2019

Indiana University Grand Challenge Precision Health Initiative recruits chief informatics officer

Umberto Tachinardi, MD, has been named chief informatics officer for the Indiana University Grand Challenge Precision Health Initiative. Led by Indiana University School of Medicine, IU is investing $120 million in its effort to transform biomedical research, health care innovations and the delivery of health interventions in Indiana. Tachinardi also will serve as professor of […]

Christine Drury  |  Mar 28, 2019

Researchers discover hidden differences between pathology of CTE and Alzheimer’s disease

INDIANAPOLIS — An international team of scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine, University of Kansas and the U.K. Medical Research Council have dismantled the belief that Alzheimer’s disease and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy have identical pathology. Their discovery offers options for improved diagnosis and potential targeted treatments. CTE has been making headlines across the sports […]

Christine Drury  |  Mar 20, 2019

IU School of Medicine discovery may lead to precision-based strategy for triple negative breast cancer

INDIANAPOLIS — Unlike the three most common forms of breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer has no currently approved targeted therapies for treatment. That was one of the reasons it was chosen as a disease area of focus for the Indiana University Grand Challenge Precision Health Initiative, aimed to research and develop better treatments, cures […]

Christine Drury  |  Mar 19, 2019