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Neuroinfectious Diseases

The Indiana University School of Medicine Neuroinfectious Disease Program is internationally recognized as a provider of expert care for patients with acute infectious diseases that affect the central and peripheral nervous system.

Primary areas of interest are meningitis, encephalitis, myelitis (viral and parainfectious encephalomyelitis), brain abscess, and infections in immunosuppressed individuals due to organ transplantation, cancer, immunosuppressive therapies or HIV infection.

The IU School of Medicine Department of Neurology Neuroinfectious Diseases Program, under the leadership of Karen Roos, MD, uses state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic studies for bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. IU School of Medicine’s neuroinfectious disease specialists rely on both standard and innovative therapies to care for patients’ with neuroinfectious diseases to achieve the best outcomes possible with an emphasis on minimizing the neurological complications of these diseases.

Program Director

14892-Roos, Karen

Karen L. Roos, MD

John and Nancy Nelson Professor Emeritus of Neurology

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