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'He always wanted to know you as a person'

Over his three decades at IU School of Medicine, Jack Bauer provided steady mentorship to graduate students. Now, a fund created by the former chair for the Department of Microbiology and Immunology will help that spirit live on.

Matthew Harris  |  Feb 17, 2021

Tinker, Healer, Teacher, Researcher

Trained as an engineer, Kenneth Haselby's mental dexterity helped him become an adept anesthesiologist, thoughtful mentor to residents,  and a crucial member of Cook Medical's research and development arm. 

Chelsea McClellan  |  Jan 19, 2021

The Gift of Flexibility

The Walther Cancer Foundation's long-standing support continues with vital investments in research and bioinformatics.

Bobby King  |  Nov 10, 2020

Get to Know: Mark Notestine

Switching jobs comes with wrinkles, but IU School of Medicine's new senior associate dean for development and alumni relations is navigating a complex transition. 

Bobby King  |  May 07, 2020

Giving of Themselves

Those who donate their bodies to IU School of Medicine help prepare healers to treat patients—a gift medical students strive to recognize.

Matthew Harris  |  Apr 08, 2020

Going the Extra Mile

Rafat Abonour’s commitment to curing multiple myeloma is unwavering. Each year, he leads a ride for a cure—a ritual that binds him closer to the patients he has lost and those he is trying to save.

Bobby King  |  Apr 08, 2020

Selling Out to Stop ALS

Sherry and Mike Sonneborn gave up their retirement home to fund research to halt the neurodegenerative disease.

Sell a House, Build a Legacy

Over the years, people have asked me if the Indiana University School of Medicine will accept a gift of real estate. The answer is a resounding yes. Donating real estate can be a great way to cement your legacy at IU. But many folks are not aware of the different ways to make such a gift, nor the tax benefits that are available. Here are some real examples of recent gifts. OUT-OF-STATE RESIDENCELocation: Naples, FloridaValue: $2.5 millionLegacy Gift: Endowed chair in […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Jan 01, 2019

Providing a boost

GEORGE SORRELLS spent one summer in medical school working on an assembly line bolting bumpers onto buses to help pay for his degree. Fortunately for him, he found more than a paycheck at the job. The woman who dropped his check off each week became his wife. Soon George and Barbara Sorrells were both working to finance his medical education. During the school year, George, a member of the Indiana University School of Medicine Class of 1962, worked nights at […]

A Gift of Hope

Helen Brown is accustomed to living in pain. Some 20 years ago, she was diagnosed with gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors, a slow-growing cancer that wreaks havoc on the digestive system. She suffers through vomiting and sometimes debilitating diarrhea, and can experience intestinal block-ups that leave her doubled over in so much agony that her blood pressure spikes. On top of all that, she has spinal stenosis. “So it’s a combination of the two of them that really tears her up,” her […]

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018