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Healer, Mentor, Researcher, Leader

Wade Clapp helped discover treatments for a rare genetic disorder and paved a path for future physician-scientists.

Matthew Harris  |  Nov 10, 2020

The Gift of Flexibility

The Walther Cancer Foundation's long-standing support continues with vital investments in research and bioinformatics.

Bobby King  |  Nov 10, 2020

Bold is Better for Kelvin Lee

The new head of IU Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center was enticed by goals to cure triple-negative breast cancer, pediatric sarcoma, and multiple myeloma.

Bobby King  |  Nov 10, 2020

MEDTalk 2020: Harnessing genomics, halting ALS, and finding freedom

Three presenters share how research and medical education at IU School of Medicine can shape a world of better health. 

What's Next in the Fight Against Myeloma?

IU School of Medicine recruited leading researchers and is studying how a patient’s personal factors and environment play a role in the disease.

Bobby King  |  Apr 09, 2020

Going the Extra Mile

Rafat Abonour’s commitment to curing multiple myeloma is unwavering. Each year, he leads a ride for a cure—a ritual that binds him closer to the patients he has lost and those he is trying to save.

Bobby King  |  Apr 08, 2020

After Early Success, IU Poised to Grow CAR T Program

The Tilley family’s experience shows the life-saving potential of immunotherapy—and underscores why Indiana University School of Medicine wants to scale up its staff to treat more patients.

Matthew Harris  |  Feb 19, 2020

Why Does Kathy Miller Hate Pink?

For the breast cancer researcher, the color reminds her of the work IU School of Medicine still must do to turn breakthroughs in the lab into treatments for patients.

Katie Duffey  |  Jan 06, 2020

Rebuilding Health

VICTOR RIGDON CAN fix just about anything. A carpenter at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, he repairs buildings, restores benches and flower boxes—anything. But three years ago, Rigdon found something he couldn’t fix.  His cough. Rigdon didn’t hack. He didn’t ache. It was just a light cough. When he left a walk-in medical clinic with a prescription for antibiotics, Rigdon figured the cough would soon be gone.  Ten days later, Rigdon sat in an exam room and stared as his physician […]

Riding for Life

As a boy, Greg Tamer saw what multiple myeloma did to his father. He would learn how far science has come – and how far it must still go – only after being diagnosed with the same disease 55 years later. He’s counting on research to find a cure, and Indiana University School of Medicine is leading the way. Watch Greg’s story. To learn more about multiple myeloma research at IU School of Medicine, contact Lizzie Conkle at or […]