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Will I be next?

I AM CURLED up on my side, knees to my chest, hospital gown gaping in the back, when Liana Apostolova, MD, pulls out a needle that looks big enough to use on a baby elephant and takes aim at the space between a pair of vertebrae in my lower back. I am neither ill nor injured. I don’t have to be here. I am here for the sake of science—and because Apostolova is good at asking people to do this. […]

The Faces of Regeneration

Chandan Sen, PhD, who came to IU in August after 18 years at The Ohio State University, is best known for conceiving a technology with the potential to regenerate flesh, restore nerves and regrow organs–all by reprogramming skin cells. It employs a nanochip the size of a dime, perched delicately atop the skin, topped with a drop of genetic material and activated by a split-second jolt of electricity. Sen’s research team has dubbed the process “tissue nanotransfection.” He often refers […]

The Psychology of Surgery

LET’S BE CLEAR, there is no plush couch sitting in the corner of Nicholas Anton’s office. No serene paintings. No inspirational quotes. No framed degrees adorn his walls. No bookshelf in the corner stuffed with Freudian tomes. Anton is a mental performance coach but the people who come to him—in the basement of the Rotary Building on the campus of Indiana University School of Medicine—aren’t here to bare their souls. They almost never shed tears. When there is introspection, it […]

The doctors will see you soon

Kate Bigelow | Indianapolis During a break in surgery, Kate Bigelow stepped out to the hall to call her mother. “Did you pass out?” Kris Bigelow asked her daughter. “Do I need to come get you?” Just 16 years old, Kate had scrubbed in to watch C. Max Schmidt, MD, PhD, perform a procedure where the head of the pancreas is removed to treat cancer—an illness with deep resonance for Kate. Her father Mike, a gregarious executive at Eli Lilly and […]

‘We Have to Generate New Knowledge’

Anantha Shekhar, MD, PhD, began wondering how the human brain works as a teenager – when he saw how a tumor changed the personality and eventually took the life of a close friend. Shekhar would graduate from medical school in India before coming to IU School of Medicine in the late 1980s for his residency in psychiatry and a PhD in neuroscience. He joined the faculty in 1989. Today he oversees all research activities at IU School of Medicine. His […]

Muncie’s Medicine Mansion

Nestled between a nature preserve and landscaped gardens along a scenic bend in the White River, sits a stately manor house in Muncie that may be the finest medical student housing anywhere in the United States. Once home to members of the Ball family, the Colonial Revival house features a formal dining room wallpapered in floral prints of matte gold, forest green and deep crimson. A sitting room with a grand piano is adorned with gold lamps and chairs upholstered in rose-colored […]

Sell a House, Build a Legacy

Over the years, people have asked me if the Indiana University School of Medicine will accept a gift of real estate. The answer is a resounding yes. Donating real estate can be a great way to cement your legacy at IU. But many folks are not aware of the different ways to make such a gift, nor the tax benefits that are available. Here are some real examples of recent gifts. OUT-OF-STATE RESIDENCELocation: Naples, FloridaValue: $2.5 millionLegacy Gift: Endowed chair in […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Jan 01, 2019


THE TYPICAL progression for gadgetry—from personal computers to music players to mobile phones—is to start out large, clunky and expensive, and evolve into something small, sleek and relatively affordable. Such is now the case with ultrasound devices—which in a few years are likely to become standard issue for students at Indiana University School of Medicine. Once the size of washing machines, the latest versions of ultrasound technology, with brand names such as Lumify and Butterfly, have evolved so that they […]