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Not Your Average Joe

JOE MAMLIN is a storyteller.  It’s a consequence, perhaps, of growing up a “poor hillbilly” (his words) in western North Carolina. He tells stories about going out west as a young man to work as a lumberjack; about making money for college by selling Bibles—and being good at it; about meeting tobacco scion R.J. Reynolds Jr., who founded the scholarship that paid for Mamlin’s medical school. He talks of being in the Peace Corps, teaching at a fledgling medical school […]

Mission: Unfulfilled

AFTER HIS near-fatal encounter with Ebola on a medical mission in Liberia, few people would question Kent Brantly, MD, if he contented himself with a stateside medical career, one where he put down roots with his wife and kids in the suburbs, and confined his adventures to storytelling. That’s not anything close to what Kent Brantly has in mind. Five years after contracting Ebola while treating patients in the worst outbreak of one of the world’s deadliest diseases, Brantly and […]

Exporting Better Health

HUDDLED IN a Ghanaian hotel room, AMPATH’s founders didn’t think they were laying out a roadmap for redefining global health. They were trying to decide where to put down roots.  The quartet of doctors—Bob Einterz, Joe Mamlin, Charlie Kelley and Dave Van Reken—had already trekked to the roof of the world in Nepal and the highlands of western Kenya before coming to the warm shores of Ghana on their search.  “We all thought it could be successful,” said Einterz, associate […]

Truly Healed

Because of a revolutionary therapy developed by Dr. Larry Einhorn and his colleagues at IU School of Medicine, James Mikesh is part of a legion of survivors of a disease that once killed 95 percent of patients. Now, 95 percent of patients are cured.

In Elite Company

FROM HIS days as a medical student to his current post as director, Patrick Loehrer has been a witness to and a leader in the rise of the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center. And so, after the National Cancer Institute bestowed its highest recognition upon the center—comprehensive cancer center status—Loehrer stood in August before an audience gathered to celebrate the achievement, and briefly recounted some of that history. He spoke of Larry Einhorn developing his revolutionary treatment […]

Helping the Healers

ADAM B. HILL was deep in the woods. Hill, MD, had battled depression since his days as a student at Indiana University School of Medicine, when he was overwhelmed by the course load, the gravity of his chosen profession and the humbling reality that, unlike most of his life, he was no longer the smartest person in the classroom. Still, Hill continued to “grind,” as he describes it. He graduated medical school in 2007, moved on to a residency in […]

He’s the Doctor for You, Me and Everyone

VICE ADMIRAL Jerome M. Adams, MD, MPH, first earned the title of doctor at Indiana University School of Medicine, where he was a member of our Class of 2002 and later became an assistant professor of clinical anesthesia. In 2017, Adams became the nation’s 20th Surgeon General and is sometimes referred to as “the nation’s doctor.” Nearly two years into the job, Adams advises Congress on public health issues, appears on television news shows to discuss matters such as the […]

Detonating Cancer

IN THE fight against one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, an Indiana University School of Medicine researcher is refining what he hopes will be a weapon as deadly as its foe—a “nanobomb.” Xiongbin Lu, PhD, the Vera Bradley Foundation Professor of Breast Cancer Innovation, is working on a microscopic cancer-fighting tool that—in its assault on triple negative breast cancer cells—acts almost like a Trojan horse, but with an explosive twist.  Lu’s nanobomb is a pair of cancer […]