Eric A. Benson

Eric A. Benson, MD PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Medicine


Dr. Benson is a proponent of preventative medicine and early detection biomarker research to allow for treatments that will benefit patients with potential cures, greater efficacy, or reduction of side effects. His current research focus is to improve the rational use of exosomal biomarkers to predict disease and treatment response. Circulating exosomes in the blood are potential biomarkers of diseases and drug response. The exosomes are transport devices that provide a mechanism of communication between cells. Along with molecular biology techniques, Dr. Benson's lab employs techniques and concepts of pharmacokinetics, advanced bioinformatics and data processing, as well as physiologically-based computational modeling.


(317) 274-2837 

Clinical Pharmacology
Research II, Suite 402 950 W Walnut St
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5188


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  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine