Matthias A. Clauss

Matthias A. Clauss, PhD

Associate Research Professor of Medicine


Vascular function and repair is involved in many diseases, in particular in those of the cardiopulmonary system. My research program is concerned with the mechanisms of vascular endothelial cell activation and aims to identify the links between inflammation and blood vessel function and repair. A specific focus is on the regulation of survival (VEGF) and anti-survival (EMAP II) factors and their receptor-mediated signaling. Currently, I have two main projects in my laboratory; one analyzes the role of EMAP II in diseases, while the other one explores how HIV-1 infection can cause increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. My research on EMAP II culminated in the development of a humanized EMAP II neutralizing antibody as therapeutic tool for treating cigarette smoke induced emphysema. This neutralizing antibody is currently advancing towards IND approval for clinical trials. Regarding the HIV-1 studies we have identified an intracellular protein, HIV-Nef, as a likely candidate for cardiovascular and pulmonary disease development, even in the presence of anti-retroviral drugs.


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Titles & Appointments

  • Associate Research Professor of Cellular & Integrative Physiology
  • Associate Research Professor of Microbiology & Immunology