Brian R. Overholser

Brian R. Overholser, PHMD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine


Dr. Overholser is Associate Professor at the Purdue University College of Pharmacy with a laboratory located in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and the Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine. This is a research rich environment at the heart of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Research Institute. The goal of his research program is to identify mechanisms for the pathologic regulation of voltage-gated ion channels using cellular and animal models that are translatable to clinical practice. Dr. Overholser is trained in the conduction of clinical trials and the recipient of an NHLBI K08 award that has added a molecular and cellular electrophysiology component to his laboratory over the past several years. This award along with funding from the Showalter Trust, Lilly Endowment, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, and American Heart Association has resulted in a translational research program. He has conducted several investigations to fully characterize microRNA and its pathological regulation during heart failure which may be dependent on a calcium/CaM-activated kinase. He leads a multi-disciplinary research collaboration to characterize the regulation of microRNA that target voltage-gated potassium channels and contribute to an arrhythmia burden in patients with heart failure.


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