Irina Petrache

Irina Petrache, MD

Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Dr. Irina Petrache has a strong background in vascular biology and endothelial cell signaling and apoptosis, and she is studying their impact in the development of emphysema, actively collaborating with multiple faculty from the Indiana Center for Vascular biology and Medicine at IU School of Medicine. These collaborations involve the study of novel effects in the lung of pro-apoptotic and pro-inflammatory cytokines as well as the role of adult adipose stem cells in preventing smoking-induced emphysema, a regenerative therapeutics project developed in collaboration with Dr. March. Collaborative projects of the Petrache lab also involve Dr. Robin Presson’s studies of in vivo lung signaling using fluorescence intravital microscopy. Dr. Petrache has many mentoring accomplishments and a commitment to training scientists. 


(317) 278-0050 

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Joseph E. Walther Hall Room C400
Indianapolis, IN 46202