Alka Khaitan

Alka Khaitan, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics


Dr. Khaitan recently joined Indiana University School of Medicine and Riley Hospital from New York University. Her primary research interests combine pediatric HIV, T cell immunology, and global child health. At NYU, she initiated the Pediatric Immune Activation study to better understand the immune mediators of inflammation in pediatric HIV, which drives long-term morbidity and mortality. In collaboration with a HIV-centered hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, Dr. Khaitan established a cohort of children with perinatally acquired HIV infection and HIV unexposed age-matched controls. Her work has contributed to understanding the severe and lasting immune disruptions associated with HIV disease progression in children despite successful antiretroviral treatment.


At Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Khaitan will build new collaborations with clinicians and scientists interested in investigating the immunopathogenesis of childhood infections locally and globally. She has also joined the Pediatric Research Working Group with AMPATH to expand her pediatric HIV and immunology research program.


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Ped-Infectious Diseases
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Indianapolis, IN