Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar, MS, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Pediatrics


I received my doctoral degree from one of India’s premier institute (National Institute of Virology) in virus research. During my PhD, I studied evolution of viruses and I was trained to handle viruses belonging to BSL-3 category. Following my PhD, I joined as a postdoctoral fellow at Virginia polytechnic and State University. While I was at Virginia Tech I acquired expertise in reverse genetics, molecular pathology and innate immune responses to Influenza viruses. To broaden my areas of expertise, I joined for a second postdoctoral position at University of Florida where I studied innate immune responses and tolerance induction in the context of gene therapy utilizing Adeno associated viral (AAV) vectors. Currently, my research focuses on understanding the mechanisms leading to innate immune sensing and the their role in eliciting a cellular immune response to AAV vectors and transgenes.?


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Ped Basic Research
MS 2031 PIMB
Indianapolis, IN