Hao Liu

Hao Liu, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics


Fascinated by science and stochastic modelling, my personal passion is the use and development of elegant statistical methods for solving quantitative problems arising from the collaborations with clinical investigators and basic scientists, whether it is the innovative clinical trial designs or the analysis of big biomedical data.

Key Publications

  • Liu H, Lin X, Huang X. An oncology clinical trial design with randomization adaptive to both short- and long-term responses. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. 2017 Jan 1:962280217744816. doi: 10.1177/0962280217744816. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 29233085
  • Liu H. and Qin J. Semiparametric probit models with univariate and bivariate current status data. Biometrics. 2017 Apr 24. doi: 10.1111/biom.12709. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 28437561
  • Liu H, Shen Y, Ning J, Qin J. Sample size calculations for prevalent cohort designs. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. 2017 Feb;26(1):280-291. PubMed PMID: 25091809; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4317376.
  • Liu H, Ning J, Qin J and Shen Y. Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Inference for Truncated or Biased-Sampling Data. Statistica Sinica, 26 (2016), 1087-1115
  • Shu Y., Feng Q., Kao E., Liu H., Levy Driven Non-Gaussian Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes for Degradation-Based Reliability Analysis. IIE Transactions, 48(11), 993-1003, 2016.
  • Qin J., Ning J., Liu H. and Shen, Y. Maximum likelihood estimations and EM algorithms with length-biased data. Journal of the American Statistical Association – Theory and Methods. 106, no. 496, 1434-1449, 2011
  • Liu H, Shen Y. A Semiparametric Regression Cure Model for Interval-Censored Data. Journal of the American Statistical Association – Theory and Methods. 104, no. 487, 1168-1178, 2009. PubMed PMID: 20354594; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2846840.
  • Liu H., Beckett, L. A. and DeNardo, G. L. On the Analysis of Count Data of Birth-and-Death Process Type with Application to Molecular Targeted Cancer Therapy. Statistics in Medicine. 26:1114-1135, 2007



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Biostatistics Department
Indianapolis, IN


Personalized Medicine

Titles & Appointments

  • Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health
  • Director, Biostatistics and Data Management Core, IU Simon Cancer Center