38671-Jiang, Jie

Jie Jiang, PhD, MS

Assistant Research Professor of Pediatrics

Email jj15@iu.edu
R4 151

Indianapolis, IN 46202


Dr. Jie Jiang’s academic expertise has been investigating blood cancer therapeutis.

Dr. Jiang completed her doctorate training in the laboratory of Dr. Brian Sorrentino at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


Dr. Jiang maintained her training pedigree in Dr. Michael Atchison's laboratory at University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Jiang then was trained in Dr. Shahin Rafii's laboratory at Weill Cornell Medical College. 


Dr .Jiang has been further trained in Herman B Wells Center for Research, Department of Pediatrics, IU-School of Medicine. 

Key Publications

Jiang J, Srivastava S, Seim G, Pavlova NN, King B, Zou L, Zhang C, Zhong M, Feng H, Kapur R, Wek RC, Fan J, Zhang J. Promoter demethylation of the asparagine synthetase gene is required for an ATF4-dependent adaptation to asparagine depletion. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2019294(49):18674-18684. (Article)

Jiang J, Srivastava S, and Zhang J. Starve cancer cells of glutamine: break the spell or make a hungry monster? Cancers. 2019, 11(6): 804. (Review)

Jiang J, Yu H, Shou Y, Neale G, Zhou S, Lu T, Sorrentino BP. Hemgn is a direct transcriptional target of HOXB4 and induces expansion of mouse myeloid progenitor cells. Blood 2010; 116(5): 711-719. (Article)

Jiang J, Chen J, Yu H, Zhang F, Zhang J, Wang L. Quantitative structure activity relationship and toxicity mechanisms of chlorophenols on cells in vitroScience Bulletin 2004; 49(6):562-566. (Article)

Titles & Appointments

  • Assistant Research Professor of Pediatrics
  • Education
    2009 PhD University of Tennessee
    2004 MS Nanjing University
    2002 BS Nanjing University

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