Joseph Ipe

Joseph Ipe, PhD

Assistant Scientist in Medicine


Dr. Ipe has over 10 years of experience in cell and molecular biology. During his doctoral studies he was trained in a wide variety of lab techniques that were applied to basic science projects aimed at uncovering post-transcriptional regulation of mRNAs and molecular feedback loops during early metazoan development. He has since focused his efforts in a more translational field and has developed high-throughput assays to test genetic variants in miRNA binding sites. His research interests include the role of the miRNome and single nucleotide polymorphisms in inter-individual variability and how that may influence personalization of medical care. His work aims to utilize existing molecular biology tools and cutting edge sequencing technologies to develop highly sensitive and high-throughput assays that can functionally test variants that are computationally predicted. He employs genetic tests such as genotyping, copy number assays etc. in collaborative projects that study the role of genetic variants as biomarkers in disease and therapeutic response.


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Clinical Pharmacology
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