Tatiana Foroud

Tatiana Foroud, PhD

Chair, Department of Medical & Molecular Genetics


The central focus of research in Dr. Foroud’s laboratory is the identification of genes contributing to disease. Research is currently focused on a variety of complex disorders including Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, intracranial aneurysms, alcohol dependence, and cancer. Ongoing studies explore the role of both common and rare variants in disease risk using genomewide SNP arrays as well as whole exome and whole genome sequencing approaches.

Dr. Foroud’s laboratory is also the home of multiple local and national biorepositories, which focus on uniform biospecimen handling and processing. Dr. Foroud manages the Indiana Biobank, the NIA-supported National Cell Repository for Alzheimer Disease, the NINDS-supported BioSEND Repository which houses Parkinson Disease, Huntington Disease and frontotemporal dementia biospecimens as well as multiple Michael J. Fox Foundation supported biorepositories.



(317) 278-1291 

Medical & Molecular Genetics
HS 4021 MMGE
Indianapolis, IN


Titles & Appointments

  • Distinguished Professor
  • Chancellor’s Professor, IUPUI
  • Joe C. Christian Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics
  • Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry