Tim Lautenschlaeger

Tim Lautenschlaeger, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology


Dr. Lautenschlaeger is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at IU School of Medicine. Professor Lautenschlaeger completed Radiation Oncology residency at The Ohio State University. He sees patients at IU Health Methodist, IU Health University, and IU Health North. 

The Lautenschlaeger Lab is focused on measuring and predicting response to radiation therapy in solid tumors with the goal to develop biomarker-guided personalized radiation prescriptions and follow up care. Circulating nucleic acid biomarkers are uniquely suitable for cancer detection, therapy response and follow up monitoring. Moreover, biomarker-guided follow up strategies after definitive cancer treatment might not only improve outcomes but also address outcomes disparities secondary to access barriers to specialized oncology care.



Radiation Oncology
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