Adrian L. Oblak

Adrian L. Oblak, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology & Imaging Sciences


MODEL-AD(IU/Jax Alzheimer Disease Modeling Project) The Indiana University (IU) / Jackson Laboratory (JAX) Alzheimer’s Disease Precision Models Center (IU/JAXADPMC) will leverage IU’s strengths in neurodegenerative research and considerable expertise in preclinical drug testing with JAX’s eight decades of expertise in mammalian genetics and disease modeling to develop, validate and disseminate new, precise animal models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In addition, the IU/JAXADMPC contains Sage Bionet works to provide expertise in data organization and dissemination. The IU/JAXADPMC brings together an international, multi-disciplinary team—including geneticists and genetics technology experts, quantitative and computational biologists, clinical experts in AD and neuroimaging, pharmacologists and world leaders in the development of precision animal models of disease—that possesses the collective ability to foresee disease modeling needs as they emerge on the international stage. This will allow the IU/JAXADPMC to serve the AD scientific community effectively and efficiently. The IU/JAXADPMC will generate new AD modeling processes and pipelines, data resources, research results and models that will be swiftly shared through JAX’s and Sage’s proven dissemination pipelines and through the NIA-supported AD Centers, academic medical centers, research institutions and the pharmaceutical industry world wide. Ultimately, this will accelerate the application of advances in animal models for the greatest possible medical benefit.

Assistant Research Professor

B.S.  Neuroscience and Psychology, Allegheny College
Ph.D.  Anatomy and Neurobiology, Boston University School of Medicine

Special Interest:  The effects of aging and age-related diseases

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Radiology & Imaging Sciences
Indianapolis, IN