Constance J. Temm, PhD

Assistant Scientist in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

IUHPL 4027
Indianapolis, IN

Titles & Appointments

  • Assistant Scientist in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Education
    1993 PhD Bielefeld University
    1990 MS Bielefeld University
    1980 BS Eastern Nazarene College
    1980 BA Eastern Nazarene College
    1980 MT Scripps Research Institute
  • Research
    I am studying isoform diversity of specific cytoskeletal proteins in microvascular pericytes of the bovine retinal capillary bed using cell culture, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy techniques. Pericytes are integrally involved in local regulation of virtually all capillary beds. They play roles in renal, lung, and heart disease, as well as many others. Little has been reported on these cells regarding the specific cytoskeletal proteins which interest me (tropomyosins, myosins, and phosphatases). I am analyzing the specific isoforms of these proteins and developing antibodies for further studies. I am also interested in the kinds of cell-cell and cell-substrate contacts that they make. To learn more about the expression of the specific isoforms under life-like conditions, I have been growing capillaries from isolated capillary fragments. These 3D capillary cultures may then be used for analysis of agonist effects and immunofluorescence, as well as for the study of angiogenesis and its inhibition.

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