Corson Lab Publications

  • 2023
    Nassief S, Amer M, Shawky E, Sishtla K, Mas-Claret E, Muniyandi A, Corson TW, Mulholland DL, Elmasry S. Antiangiogenic polyphenolics from Erythrina lysistemon Hutch. Journal of Natural Products, doi: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.2c00909. PubMed

    Muniyandi A,* Martin M,* Sishtla K, Motolani A, Sun M, Jensen NR, Qi X, Boulton ME, Prabhu L, Lu T,* Corson TW.* 2023. PRMT5 is a therapeutic target in choroidal neovascularization. *,#equal contributors. Scientific Reports, 13, 1747. PubMed

    Mijit M, Liu S, Sishtla K, Hartman GD, Wan J*, Corson TW*, Kelley MR*. 2023. Identification of novel pathways regulated by APE1/Ref-1 in human retinal endothelial cells. *equal contributors. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24, 1101. PubMed

  • 2022
    Sishtla K, Lambert-Cheatham N, Lee B, Han DH, Park J, Pran Babu SPS, Lee S, Kwon S, Muniyandi A, Park B, Odell N, Waller S, Park IL, Lee SJ, Seo S-Y, Corson TW. 2022. Novel small molecule inhibitors of ferrochelatase are antiangiogenic agents. Cell Chemical Biology, doi: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2022.01.001. PubMed. Kwon S, Lee S, Hur J, Ko K, Fei X, Jeong KW, Sishtla K, Muniyandi A, Bae M, Corson TW, Seo S-Y. 2022. Synthesis and structural revision of naturally occurring homoisoflavane (+)-dracaeconolide B. Journal of Natural Products, 86, 149–156. PubMed

    Park B, Sardar Pasha SPB, Sishtla KL, Hartman GD, Qi X, Boulton ME, Corson TW. 2022. Decreased expression of soluble epoxide hydrolase suppresses murine choroidal neovascularization. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23, 15595. PubMed

    Kim E-Y, Lee B, Kwon S, Corson TW, Seo S-Y, Lee K. 2022. Mouse pharmacokinetics and in vitro metabolism of SH-11037 and SH-11008, synthetic homoisoflavonoids for retinal neovascularization. Pharmaceutics, 14, 2270. PubMed

    Jensen NR, Lambert-Cheatham N, Hartman GD, Muniyandi A, Park B, Sishtla K, Corson TW. 2022. An improved method for murine laser-induced choroidal neovascularization lesion quantification from optical coherence tomography images. MethodsX, 9, 101809. PubMed

    The Global Retinoblastoma Study Group. 2022. The Global Retinoblastoma Outcome Study: a prospective, cluster-based analysis of 4064 patients from 149 countries. Lancet Global Health, 10, e1128–e1140. PubMed

  • 2021
    Sardar Pasha SPB,* Shetty T,* Lambert-Cheatham NA, Sishtla K, Mathew D, Muniyandi A, Patwari N, Bhatwadekar AD, Corson TW. 2021. Retinal phenotyping of ferrochelatase mutant mice reveals protoporphyrin accumulation and reduced neovascular response. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 62, 36. *equal contributors. PubMed.

    Shetty T, Park B, Corson TW. 2021. Measurement of mitochondrial respiration in murine retina using Seahorse extracellular flux analyzer. STAR Protocols, 2, 100533. PubMed

    Peng M, Park B, Harikrishnan H, Jahan S, Dai J, Rayana NP, Sugali CK, Sharma TP, Sakami S, Imanishi Y, Corson TW, Mao W. 2021. A smartphone based method for mouse fundus imaging. Experimental Eye Research, 206, 108530. PubMed.

    Corson TW, Wallace DK. 2021. Modulating a summer ophthalmology research experience for medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic. International Journal of Medical Education, 12, 34–35. PubMed. 

    Hartman GD, Lambert-Cheatham N, Kelley MR, Corson TW. 2021. Inhibition of APE1/Ref-1 for neovascular eye diseases: from biology to therapy. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22, 10279. Full Text.

    Jacobs B, Palmer N, Shetty T, Dimaras H, Hajrasouliha A, Jusufbegovic D, Corson TW. 2021. Patient preferences in retinal drug delivery. Scientific Reports, 11, 18996. PubMed

    Corson TW,* Hawkins SM,* Sanders E, Byram J, Cruz L-A, Olson J, Speidell E, Schnabel R, Balaji A, Ogbeide O, Dinh J, Hinshaw A, Cummings L, Bonds V, Nakshatri H. 2021. Building a virtual summer research experience in cancer for high school and early undergraduate students: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. BMC Medical Education, 21, 422. *equal contributors. PubMed

    Fabian ID et al. and the Global Retinoblastoma Study Group. 2021. Sex, gender, and retinoblastoma: analysis of 4351 patients from 153 countries. Eye, doi: 10.1038/s41433-021-01675-y PubMed.

    Heisel C, Yousif J, Mijiti M, Charizanis K, Brigell M, Corson TW, Kelley MR. 2021. APE1/Ref-1 as a novel target for retinal diseases. Journal of Cellular Signaling, 2, 133–138. PubMed.

  • 2020
    Doud EH, Shetty T, Abt M, Mosley AL, Corson TW, Mehta A, Yeh E. 2020. NF-κB signaling is regulated by fucosylation in metastatic breast cancer cells. Biomedicines, 8, 600. PubMed.

    Fabian ID et al. and the Global Retinoblastoma Study Group. 2020. Retinoblastoma management during the COVID-19 pandemic: A report by the Global Retinoblastoma Study Group including 194 centers from 94 countries. Pediatric Blood and Cancer, doi: 10.1002/pbc.28584. PubMed.

    Global Retinoblastoma Study Group (including Corson TW and 470 others). 2020. Global retinoblastoma presentation and analysis by national income level. JAMA Oncology, doi: 10.1001/jamaoncol.2019.6716. PubMed. 

    Whitmore H, Sishtla K, Knirsch W, Andriantiana J, Schwikkard S, Mas-Claret E, Nassief S, Isyaka S, Corson TW*, Mulholland DA*. 2020. Bufadienolides and anti-angiogenic homoisoflavonoids from Rhodocodon cryptopodus, Rhodocodon rotundus and Rhodocodon cyathiformis. Fitoterapia, 141, 104479. *equal contributors. PubMed. 

    Merrigan SL, Park B, Ali Z, Jensen LD, Corson TW, Kennedy BN. 2020. Calcitriol and non-calcemic vitamin D analogue, 22-oxacalcitriol, attenuate developmental and pathological choroidal vasculature angiogenesis ex vivo and in vivo. Oncotarget, 11, 493–509. PubMed. 

    Barry Z, Park B, Corson TW. 2020. Pharmacological potential of small molecules for treating corneal neovascularization. Molecules, 25, 3468. PubMed.

    Shetty T, Sishtla K, Park B, Repass M, Corson TW. 2020. Heme synthesis inhibition blocks angiogenesis via mitochondrial dysfunction. iScience, 23, 101391. PubMed.

    Pran Babu SPS, White D, Corson TW. 2020. Ferrochelatase regulates retinal neovascularization. FASEB J, doi: 10.1096/fj.202000964R. PubMed.

    Shetty T, Corson TW. 2020. Mitochondrial heme synthesis enzymes as therapeutic targets in vascular diseases. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 11, 1015. PubMed.

    Kwon S, Lee S, Heo M, Lee B, Fei X, Corson TW, Seo S-Y. 2020. Total synthesis of naturally occurring 5,7,8-trioxygenated homoisoflavonoids. ACS Omega, 5, 11043–11057. PubMed.

    Xu D, Zhou D, Bum-Erdene K, Bailey BJ, Sishtla K, Liu S, Wan J, Aryal UK, Lee JA, Wells CD, Fishel ML, Corson TW, Pollok K, Meroueh SO. 2020. Phenotypic screening of chemical libraries enriched by molecular docking to multiple targets selected from glioblastoma genomic data. ACS Chemical Biology, 15, 1424–1444. PubMed.

  • 2019

    Heo M, Lee B, Sishtla K, Fei X, Lee S, Park S, Yuan Y, Lee S, Kwon S-I, Lee J, Kim S, Corson TW*, Seo S-Y*. 2019. Enantioselective synthesis of homoisoflavanones by asymmetric transfer hydrogenation and their biological evaluation for antiangiogenic activity.Journal of Organic Chemistry, doi: 10.1021/acs.joc.9b01134.*equal contributors. PubMed.

    Park B, Corson TW. 2019. Soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibition for ocular diseases: vision for the future. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 10, 95. PubMed.

    Schwikkard SL, Whitmore H, Sulaiman RS, Sishtla K, Shetty T, Basavarajappa HD, Waller C, Alqahtani A, Frankemoelle L, Chapman A, Crouch N, Wetschnig W, Knirsh W, Andriantiana J, Mas-Claret E, Langat MK, Mulholland DA*, Corson TW*. 2019. The antiangiogenic activity of naturally-occurring and synthetic homoisoflavonoids from the Hyacinthaceae (sensuAPGII).Journal of Natural Products, 82, 1227–1239.*equal contributors. PubMed.

    Seo SY, Corson TW. Small molecule target identification using photo-affinity chromatography. 2019.Methods in Enzymology, 622, 347–374PubMed.

  • 2018
    Dimaras H, Corson TW. 2018. Retinoblastoma, the visible CNS tumor: A review. J Neurosci Res. PubMed

    Sishtla K, Pitt N, Shadmand M, O’Hare MN, Sulaiman RS, Sinn AL, Condon K, Pollok KE, Sandusky GE, Corson TW. 2018. Observations on spontaneous tumor formation in mice overexpressing mitotic kinesin Kif14. Scientific Reports, 8, 16152. PubMed.

    Sardar Pasha SPB*, Sishtla K*, Sulaiman RS, Park B, Shetty T, Shah F, Fishel M, Wikel JH, Kelley MR, Corson TW. 2018. Ref-1/APE1 inhibition with novel small molecules blocks ocular neovascularization. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 367, 108–118. *equal contributors. PubMed.

    Schwikkard SL, Whitmore H, Corson TW, Sishtla K, Opara EI, Jaksevicius A, Langat MK, Carew M, Mulholland DA. 2018. Antiangiogenic activity and cytotoxicity of triterpenoids and homoisoflavonoids from Massonia pustulata and Massonia bifolia. Planta Medica, 84, 638–644.

    Zhou D, Leth JM, Bum-Erdene K, Xu D, Liu D, Tompkins D, Corson TW, Ploug M, Chirgwin JM, Meroueh S. 2018. Small molecules inhibit ex vivo tumor growth in bone. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 26, 6128–6134.

    Bum-Erdene K, Zhou D, Gonzalez-Gutierrez G, Ghozayel MK, Si Y, Xu D, Shannon HE, Bailey BJ, Corson TW, Pollok KE, Wells CD, Meroueh SO. 2018. Small-molecule covalent modification of conserved cysteine leads to allosteric inhibition of the TEAD•Yap protein-protein interaction. Cell Chemical Biology, 26, 378–389.

  • 2017
    Basavarajappa HD, Sulaiman RS, Qi X, Shetty T, Pran Babu SS, Sishtla KL, Lee B, Quigley J, Alkhairy S, Briggs CM, Gupta K, Tang B, Shadmand M, Grant MB, Boulton ME, Seo SY, Corson TW. 2017. Ferrochelatase is a therapeutic target for ocular neovascularization. EMBO Molecular Medicine, e201606561. Full Text.

    Sulaiman RS, Park B, Pran Babu SS, Si Y, Kharwadkar R, Mitter SK, Lee B, Sun W, Qi X, Boulton ME, Meroueh SO, Fei X, Seo SY*, Corson TW*. 2017. Chemical proteomics reveals soluble epoxide hydrolase as a therapeutic target for ocular neovascularization. ACS Chemical Biology, doi: 10.1021/acschembio.7b00854. *equal contributors.

  • 2016
    Lee H, Yuan Y, Rhee I, Corson TW, Seo SY. 2016. Synthesis of natural homoisoflavonoids having either 5,7-dihydroxy-6-methoxy or 7-hydroxy-5,6-dimethoxy groups. Molecules, 21, 1058. Full Text.

    Lee B, Sun W, Lee H, Basavarajappa HD, Sulaiman RS, Sishtla K, Fei X, Corson TW, Seo SY. 2016. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of photoaffinity probes of antiangiogenic homoisoflavonoids. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 26, 4277–4281. Full Text.

    Racher H, Soliman S, Argiropoulos B, Chan HSL, Gallie BL, Perrier R, Matevski D, Rushlow D, Piovesan B, Shaikh F, MacDonald H, Corson TW. 2016. Molecular analysis distinguishes metastatic disease from second cancers in patients with retinoblastoma. Cancer Genetics, 209, 359–363. Full Text.

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  • 2015
    Dimaras H, Corson TW, Cobrinik D, White A, Zhao J, Munier FL, Abramson DH, Shields CL, Chantada GL, Njuguna F, Gallie BL. 2015. Retinoblastoma. Nature Reviews Disease Primers, Article number: 15021, doi:10.1038/nrdp.2015.21. Full Text.

    Basavarajappa HD*, Lee B*, Lee H, Sulaiman RS, An H, Magaña C, Shadmand M, Vayl A, Rajashekhar G, Kim E-Y, Suh Y-G, Lee K, Seo S-Y*, Corson TW*. 2015. Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel homoisoflavonoids for retinal neovascularization. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 58, 5015–5027. *equal contributors. Full Text.

    Sulaiman RS, Quigley J, Qi X, O’Hare MN, Grant MB, Boulton ME, Corson TW. 2015. A simple optical coherence tomography quantification method for choroidal neovascularization. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 31, 447–54. Full Text.

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    Wenzel AA, O’Hare MN, Shadmand M, Corson TW. 2015. Optical coherence tomography enables imaging of tumor initiation in the TAg-RB mouse model of retinoblastoma. Molecular Vision, 21, 515–522. Full Text.

  • 2014
    Sulaiman RS, Basavarajappa HD, Corson TW. 2014. Natural product inhibitors of ocular angiogenesis. Experimental Eye Research, 129, 161–171. Full Text.

    Lee B, Basavarajappa HD, Sulaiman RS, Fei X, Seo S-Y*, Corson TW*. 2014. First synthesis of the antiangiogenic homoisoflavanone, cremastranone. , 12, 7673–7677. *equal contributors. Full Text.

    Luo N, Conwell MD, Chen X, Cantor LB, Wells CD, Kettenhofen CI, Westfall CJ, Weinreb RN, Corson TW, Spandau DF, Gattone VG, Iomini C, Obukhov AG, Sun Y. 2014. Primary cilia signaling mediates intraocular pressure sensation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 111, 12871–12876. Full Text.

    Corson TW, Samuels BC, Wenzel AA, Geary AJ, Riley AA, McCarthy BP, Hanenberg H, Bailey BJ, Rogers PI, Pollok KE, Rajashekhar G, Territo PR. 2014. Multimodality imaging methods for assessing retinoblastoma orthotopic xenograft growth and development. PLoS ONE, 9, e99036. Full Text.

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    Basavarajappa HD*, Lee B*, Fei X, Lim D, Callaghan B, Mund JA, Case J, Rajashekhar G, Seo SY*, Corson TW*. 2014. Synthesis and mechanistic studies of a novel homoisoflavanone inhibitor of endothelial cell growth. PLoS ONE, 9, e95694. *equal contributors. Full Text.

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  • 2013
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  • 2012
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  • 2011
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  • 2008
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  • 2007
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  • 2005
    Spencer C, Pajovic S, Devlin H, Dinh Q-D, Corson TW & Gallie BL. 2005. Distinct patterns of expression of the RB gene family in mouse and human retina. Gene Expression Patterns 5:687-694. Full Text.


    Corson TW, Huang A, Tsao M-S & Gallie BL. 2005. KIF14 is a candidate oncogene in the 1q minimal region of genomic gain in multiple cancers. Oncogene 24:4741-4753.         

  • 2004
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  • 2001
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