Corson Lab protocols range from the routine to the esoteric best practices and tips. External research labs are invited to both use and share these protocols, with appropriate attribution to the Corson Lab at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Routine Cell Culture

Guidelines and general procedures are offered for culturing, subculturing and freezing adherent cells within a traditional lab setting.
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Culture Cell Tips

Best practices are provided to avoid culture contamination for optimal results.
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Bis-Tris Gel Recipes

Recipes for bis-tris polyacrylamide gels are designed for optimal separation of a wide range of proteins.
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SDS-PAGE and ImmunoblottingVertical CTA 3

Scientists can determine characteristics of protein antigens within complex mixtures using Laemmli and bis-tris protocols.
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Soft Agar Colony Assay

Scientists can confirm cellular anchorage-independent growth using the soft agar colony assay method.
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Whole-Cell Pulldown Protocol

An alternative method to whole-cell pulldown involves cell fractionation using biotinylated affinity reagents.
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Silver Staining

Best practices are outlined to achieve optimal results for mass spectrometry compatible silver staining.
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Precautions for Working with RNA 

Due to its liable nature within the lab, simple precautions reduce the degradation of RNA samples.
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Publication for Powerpoint

Simple instructions are provided to enhance high-resolution graphic files for publications and presentations.
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