Global Health

Global Health Education Programs

A global health experience has a profound effect on physicians and other health care providers, both personally and professionally. For students and faculty at IU School of Medicine, the Center for Global Health serves as an anchor for global health curricula and a resource for students and faculty in any discipline who wish to engage in global health.

Those who pursue this experience benefit greatly. IU School of Medicine collaborators published a study comparing long-term career choices of those who participated in a global health program with those of a control group. The study concluded that the participants of a global health program were more likely to be generalists working with underserved populations, to be cost-conscious in their health care decision making, and to be involved in global health, public health or public policy. IU School of Medicine residents and students consistently describe their global health experience as life-changing and rate the opportunity as one of the premier experiences of their medical training.

Residency Track in Global Health

The IU School of Medicine’s Residency Track in Global Health training program is open to resident physicians in good standing in a participating department at IU School of Medicine. The program provides opportunities to engage in local and overseas electives that foster hands-on learning in global health.

Fourth Year MD Elective

Fourth-year medical students at IU School of Medicine can opt for a one- to two-month elective to live, work and study side-by-side with Kenyan students at Moi University School of Medicine in Eldoret, Kenya. Email IU Center for Global Health for more information.

Slemenda Scholarship

After completing the first year of medical school, IU School of Medicine students can apply for the AMPATH Slemenda Scholarship, which provides funding for two to five students to live, work and study side-by-side with Kenyan students at Moi University School of Medicine in Eldoret, Kenya, for six weeks during the summer. Email IU Center for Global Health for details.

Other International Programs

Supervised field experiences are available in Mexico for selected specialties through the IUPUI-Universidad Autonomo del Estado de Hidalgo strategic partnership in Mexico, a program that builds on a years-long collaboration between the IU schools of Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry in the village of Calnali, located in the mountains of Hildalgo.

Students can learn about health care delivery in Honduras by observing and volunteering at the public hospital in Taulabe. Participants will also interact with Honduran health care professionals and volunteer at public and private health clinics in this rural area of the country.

The IU School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine administers the ENLACE Nicaragua Language and Cultural Immersion program to provide medical students with an intensive summer immersion Spanish-language study with onsite exposure to primary and community health care in a developing country. This four-week international global health experience is available to fourth-year medical students to immerse them in a developing country to gain a direct understanding of the language as well as the systematic, policy and experiential differences between health care in the US and other countries.