Expertise in Alzheimer's Disease

Current Research Focuses on Individual’s Immune System

Alzheimer’s disease researchers at IU School of Medicine are studying how the body’s own immune system may impact the underlying biology associated with cognitive decline, the primary symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

Bruce Lamb, PhD, executive director of IU School of Medicine’s Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, said, “Previous approaches to treatment or prevention of Alzheimer’s disease may have failed because they only focused on one indicator of disease, such as amyloid or tau. Our approach now focuses on altering the body’s own immune system to positively impact all three biomarkers of amyloid, tau and inflammation. If we can identify new methods to slow Alzheimer’s disease from progressing to a fully debilitating disease of the mind and body, we’ll have made a great step forward.”

After identifying new biomarkers, researchers plan to investigate and develop immune-based therapies that target biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease that are tailored precisely to an individual’s own biology.

Faculty Experts

Bruce T. Lamb, PhD

Bruce T. Lamb, PhD

Executive Director, Paul and Carole Stark Neurosciences Research Institute