Health Professions Program

Cytotechnology Curriculum

Courses in the Indiana University School of Medicine Bachelor degree program in Cytotechnology are sequential and must be taken in the order specified by the program faculty.

Fall Semester CourseCredits
Gynecologic Cytology, NormalPATH-A 4123.0
Gynecologic Cytology, Abnormal)PATH-A 4223.0
Pulmonary CytologyPATH-A 4323.0
Techniques in Medical CytologyPATH-A 4622.0
Certification Internship IPATH-A 4653.0
Seminar in Cytology IPATH-A 4702.0
Total 16.0
Spring Semester CourseCredits
Cytology of Body FluidsPATH-A 4422.0
Cytology of the Gastrointestinal TractPATH-A 4532.0
Urinary Tract CytologyPATH-A 4542.0
Certification Internship IIPATH-A 4656.0
Seminar in Cytology IIPATH-A 4702.0
Total 14.0
Summer Semester CourseCredits
Cytology of Fine Needle Aspiration (PATH-A 455)PATH-A 4552.0
Certification Internship II (PATH-A 465)PATH-A 4653.0
Investigations in Cytopathology (PATH-A 490)PATH-A 4902.0
Total 7.0


Recommendations for degrees awarded with distinction are based upon superior academic performance. The Cytotechnology program recognizes superior academic and professional conduct with the Liang-Che Tao Outstanding Student Award, which is awarded to a graduating senior.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for graduation, Cytotechnology students must complete 120 credit hours of coursework, including 83 credit hours of prerequisites and general-education courses and 37 credit hours of professional courses. All course work must be completed in compliance with the program’s and school’s academic and professional policies.