Health Professions Program

Admissions Process for Histotechnology Certificate Program

The Histotechnology Certification Program has a two-step application process.

Step 1

Apply online through the IUPUI Office of Admissions. When completing the application, choose Histotechnology (Certificate) as the planned major. Even if eventually seeking an Associate degree, applicants who haven’t yet completed the IU School of Medicine Certificate in Histotechnology Program or meet other credentials should first apply to the Histotechnology (Certificate) program. Dual start dates are available for the Histotechnology Certification Program: September (application deadline is May 1) and January (application deadline is November 1).

Step 2

Email the requested supplemental forms to the Histotechnology Program —in one packet—after completing the online application to IUPUI. Applicants can also mail supplemental materials to the Histotechnology Program at 635 Barnhill Drive MS A128, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Required Forms

A complete application packet must be submitted by May 1 for fall semester and November 1 for spring semester. The additional supplemental application materials for the Certification Program must be submitted together and mailed/emailed directly to the Histotechnology Program contact. Only application packets that are postmarked or received by the application deadline and include all the required items will be forwarded to the program’s admissions committee. Application packets received or postmarked after the program’s deadline are considered late.

Incomplete or late applications are only considered if all completed and on-time applications have been reviewed and positions in the program are still available. Call 317-274-1686 or email to find out if a specific program is still accepting applications following the application deadline.

Notes: Students who have not completed one of the prerequisite courses by the application deadline can be conditionally admitted to the Histotechnology Certificate Program. However, failure to submit a final college/university transcript or any other required materials to the IUPUI Office of Admissions or the Histotechnology Program by August 7 (for fall start) or by November 15 (for spring start) may cause a delay in the applicant’s term of entry. All documents must be received by the term deadlines.

Step 3

Receive Admission Offer.
If offered admission into the IU School of Medicine Certificate in Histotechnology Program, applicants are required to submit a completed technical standards certification form.