Human Sexuality and Health Scholarly Concentration

The Human Sexuality and Health Scholarly Concentration introduces students to a range of issues related to sex, gender and sexuality and how these characteristics intersect with the practice of medicine. Topics include: sex and gender development and diversity; sexuality and sexual fluidity; sexual and romantic relationships; contraception and reproduction; STls and HIV prevention; etc. Students learn about health discrepancies in LGBTQ+ populations, the need for competency in practice with LGBTQ+ patients, and current best practices. This Concentration is a partnership with the Kinsey Institute and provides students the opportunity to tour labs and work with faculty researchers on a range of topics related to sex and sexuality.

Sample Project Topics

The nature of the Scholarly Concentration programs allows for students to select project topics based upon their interest and faculty member expertise. Example project topics include:

  • Reproduction and sexuality, postpartum depression, birth interventions, and oxytocin
  • Romantic and sexual relationships
  • Condom use, misuse and errors
  • Sexual and gender development
  • Human sexuality education
  • Sexual trauma, physical health and psychological well-being


Charles N Rudick, PhD

Charles N Rudick, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology
Dr. Rudick serves as the Statewide Course Director for both Fundamentals of Health and Disease and Cardiovascular & Hematology.
Justin R Garcia, PhD

Justin R Garcia, PhD

Research Director, The Kinsey Institute
Ruth N. Halls Associate Professor of Gender Studies
IU Bicentennial Professor

Bloomington Campus MD Program