Health Systems Science Scholarly Concentration

The Health Systems Science Scholarly Concentration provides future physicians with an overview of how to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care in an increasingly complex health care environment. Health systems science has emerged as the “third science” in medicine (in addition to basic and clinical sciences). With an emphasis on interdisciplinary, patient-centered care, health systems science is focused on improving the quality, outcomes and costs of health care for patients and populations.

Through this concentration, students gain an understanding of health systems science and engage in topics such as health care policy, value-based care and evidence-based medicine. These principles can be used by students with interest in any specialty to deliver care in modern health systems.

Sample Project Topics

The nature of the Scholarly Concentration program allows for students to select project topics based upon their interest and faculty member expertise. Research projects may include adoption of technology, managing complex health issues, aging and compliance in preventive health care, and exploring socioeconomic factors that impact health. Example project topics include:

  • Sex differences in the effect of aging on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality
  • Age related co-morbidity complications associated with cardiovascular disease
  • Non-pharmacological health maintenance and disease management in elderly populations
  • Longitudinal care of patients with neurodegenerative disease


Robert D. Sweazey, PhD

Robert D. Sweazey, PhD

Assistant Director
Leslie A. Hoffman, PhD

Leslie A. Hoffman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

Fort Wayne Campus MD Program

IU School of Medicine-Fort Wayne and Indiana University-Fort Wayne serve the health education needs of Northeast Indiana. These institutions work with community partners to deliver quality health education experiences that include both general and specialty treatment of the elderly. Many opportunities exist to collaborate with Fort Wayne health care providers that serve a diverse population.

IU School of Medicine-Fort Wayne is located on the shared campus of Indiana University Fort Wayne and Purdue Fort Wayne, a campus of more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students. IU-Fort Wayne offers health-related programs in multiple disciplines including nursing, social work, medical imaging, and dental sciences as well as opportunities for interprofessional collaboration across disciplines. As Indiana’s second largest city, Fort Wayne is home to two large medical complexes and multiple opportunities to explore the special problems faced when dealing with the aging population.